What To Wear To: The Gym


The gym. Hardly the most fashionable place on earth, and many who go claim “I’m there for fitness, not for a fashion parade!” to quote. But isn’t that why people go to the gym? Because they really do care about what they look like? They are among the most image conscious in the whole wide world, and surely they want to look, and ultimately feel, good in what they’re wearing to exercise in.

To counteract the red, sweaty faces and scrunched back hair, we all need good clothes to work out in. Comfort and practicality, are among the most important considerations when choosing what to wear, and not forgetting your fellow gym members, be them millionaires or WAGS depending on which gym you’re in.

Looking to celebrities for inspiration can be helpful, but not many really stand out, aside from Rihanna but she doesn’t count. She wins every style battle.

Leggings. Popular among gym-goers for their practicality – skin tight so you don’t have material flapping about all over the treadmill but lest we forget those new members to the gym who don’t tend to have the best figures. Therefore, leggings aren’t necessarily the best thing to wear, especially when nipping to the shop afterwards. Please, God, No! Therefore, I suggest the jogger. Utterly perfect lounge wear, acceptable to nip to Waitrose in and very popular among the gym crowd. Hollister and Abercrombie do good ones, with Jack Wills a close second. I prefer those with elasticated ankles as the material can be a trip hazard (believe me!), and this style tends to be the most flattering as it gives your calves shape.

For the top half, lycra tops are popular, but please remember a sports bra. Sportsdirect.com offer a good range which are cheap, but good quality and offer much…ahem…support for that area. Some choose to just wear the sports bra to work out in, but for me, I prefer a simple oversized tee over the top, be it an old, paint splattered “I heart NY” top, or a tighter fit t-shirt. Steer clear of grey as well, as sweat patches aren’t really that hot a look. Racer back tops are also good, but those with broader shoulders should avoid like the plague for fear of making you look too top heavy.

Last, and by no means least, footwear is of optimum importance. Your feet when exercising are tremendously important and this is where money should be no object. Trainers should offer support and be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Nike are your effortlessly cool, reliable trainer, which look good and are incredibly well made. They’re not too expensive either, and should be seen as an investment.

But where to get these items from is the main question. For fail proof, idiot proof active-wear shopping, I suggest Net-a-porter.com, who stock brands like CLU as well as Karl Lagerfeld’s sporty luxe creations, as well as ASOS who stock more purse friendly alternatives like Nike. H&M also do a good activewear range which is excellent for those on a budget.

For more inspiration maybe don’t look to Eric Prydz’s ‘Call on me’, but instead look to the everyday wear of Rihanna. Foil clad shorts and sweatshirts look faultlessly cool, but maybe leave the fluorescent headbands at home, eh?

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