What to wear to: A Lunch Date


So it’s lunch time. You’re hungry, and you’ve got a date. But you reach a dilemma.

What do you wear?!

You don’t want to look to formal, but you’re still in a restaurant and shouldn’t look too casual. I always think a nice, business style dress looks nice. Think ‘WWVBD?’ (What would Victoria Beckham do?) A good, knee length tailored dress would look great, with a pair of sunglasses and a big, smart bag would look glamorous, but not old-fashioned, or a shirt dress with wedges and a trench. The Italians seem to be top of their game when going for coffee/lunch dates, so try and follow their style.

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

On the other hand, for a quick bacon sandwich in the café down the road, you don’t necessarily need to put quite as much effort in, but please don’t look like an extra from Roy’s Rolls. A nice summer dress with a leather biker jacket would look nice, or even jeans with smart shoes and a blouse would look great, dressed up with a blazer, dressed down with an over-sized scarf to wrap around you.


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