What To Wear To: A University Open Day


So, you want to make a good impression, but you also want to look stylish in front of your peers. The sweat beads begin pouring and breaths get shorter. What do you wear? You need to be comfortable, as open days tend to include lots of travelling and walking once you get there, but you also want to look stylish. What to do?

I suggest just being you. It’s the best possible thing to do. The people you meet may be the people you end up spending the next three or four years with. Therefore, look through your wardrobe and pick an easy daytime outfit that you might wear shopping, for example, and work from that. Don’t try anything too daring or risqué, just wear what you feel best in, and don’t change your own personal style to ‘fit in’.

The tips I offer in this are merely guides, not rules.

visit days

Student Style

Ultimately, you want comfy feet as much of the day is spent on your feet. I start from the feet and work upwards which is, although most unusual, the easiest thing to do.

Find your comfiest flats or pumps, (Vans were the popular shoe of choice among plenty) and then begin to visualise an outfit. Imagine layers. You don’t necessarily know what the weather’s going to be doing, even when you wake up at silly o’clock to travel there, so I found black opaque tights and shorts, with a vintage t-shirt and denim jacket, a light cardigan, and a big bag to fit all your prospectuses in too, worked well.

Jeans are ok, but I find them pretty uncomfortable on long journeys, but with a crisp shirt and a blazer you would look elegant and stylish.

Other fashions seen at visit days have included leggings with an oversized tee and American Apparel hoodie over the top, but I found this too ‘slouchy’ and looked more like a dash to Tesco at 11. I’m not writing leggings off though. They are remarkably practical and could be worn with vans and an oversized tee, sleeves rolled up of course, with a blazer or vintage denim jacket.

Things not to forget are a light coat or jacket, such as a military style jacket for warmth and protection from our unpredictable weather patterns.

Another tip is to plan what you’re wearing the night before. It’s an early start and there’s little time to decide in the morning rush. The last thing you want to be doing is deciding what to wear in a panic.

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