What to wear to:The Cinema


What to wear to…

The Cinema.

I know it’s going to be dark. I know that nobody will actually be facing you and directly looking at you. But I also know that the cinema is still the top place for going on a date and this is why you need to look fabulous.

The cinema is basically a massive sitting room and you’re going to be sat for a long time, so make sure you’re comfy, and don’t do a ‘Ross’, wearing leather pants in which he overheats. You don’t want to look too dressy, but you don’t want to look too slouchy either because it is still a ‘night out’. Therefore, I think the key is that horrible dress code: Smart Casual.

Before you panic at that, I will give you some advice about how to handle it. Think dress up, but dress down.

For example, I usually wear my J Brand either blue or black skinny jeans as they are so unbelievably comfy, with either an oversized tee tucked in and with a black leather jacket over the top. Think glam-biker, with a sparkly belt to dress it up, and Chelsea boots or glittery flats.




However, if you’re going out for a bite to eat before or after, I suggest a bit more glam. A summer skirt or dress would look good, with maybe black opaques and a slouchy jumper over the top, but with a good fitting leather jacket and ballet pumps or converse/van-style shoes.

On the list of things not to wear are high stiletto heels. Those stairs are a killer in pumps, let alone Victoria Beckham stilts, and also be aware of temperature. Too hot, and you’ll pass out, but cinemas tend to be air conditioned to stop you nodding off so think layers.

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